This is a frozen product. Please put it in the freezer and when you are ready to use it, take it out and let it thaw on your counter for 30 – 45 minutes (until it is soft enough to remove some). Refreeze the remaining portion for later use. Enjoy! It is normal for the pesto to have some discoloration on the top layer. Just mix it in, it does not effect the flavor. This is caused by oxidation of the basil, we do not use any additives or preservatives to stop the oxidation.



Classic Pesto Pasta

(The way they do it in Genoa, Italy)
Boil your pasta with a diced raw potato, reserve ¼ cup of pasta water. Drain pasta. Add reserved pasta water with a few tablespoons of butter. Add pesto to taste (about ½ container does 1 lb of pasta). You can dress it up a little by adding your favorite cooked chicken. If you want it to be more colorful try adding some cherry tomatoes or steamed broccoli. For a vegetarian meal add chick peas, cannelloni beans, shrimp or extra firm tofu instead of chicken.

Main Dishes

Linabella's Pesto Chicken Nuggets: Mix some Linabella's Pesto with yogurt. Dip your chicken tenders in the yogurt mixture and then in your favorite bread crumbs and bake.
Boneless Italian Chicken Wraps: Bang out boneless skinless chicken breasts flat. Cover with Linabella's Pesto, a thin slice of prosciutto and some mozzarella cheese. Roll and toothpick or tie together. Bake 30 - 40 minutes. Remove from oven, cover rolls with Linabella's Pesto or red sauce and finish baking for another 10 minutes, until sauce is warm.
Green Eggs and Ham: Fork scramble some raw eggs with Linabella's Pesto. Scramble on cook top with parmesan cheese. Serve with a slice of ham that has been warmed in skillet.
Linabella's Pesto Pizza: Spread on pizza and top with your favorite toppings (pre-cooked chicken and caramelized onions is one of our favorites). Top with either mozzarella cheese or parmesan cheese. Cook as usual.
Green Chicken Salad: Add Linabella's Pesto to your favorite chicken salad recipe.
Stuffed Catfish: Spread Linabella's Pesto (we like using Linabella’s Honey Pesto) on fresh catfish fillets or Tilapia. Roll and toothpick shut. Bake.
Green Haddock: Spread Linabella's Pesto on fresh cooked haddock fillets (we like using Linabella’s Honey Pesto or Sole Verde).
Roast Chicken/Turkey: Lift skin of whole chicken or turkey. Spread Linabella's Pesto under skin. Salt and pepper inside and outside of roaster. Bake as usual.
Peas, Ham and Pasta: Boil pasta using the above simple pasta recipe. Add some diced pieces of ham and some cooked peas. Toss with Linabella’s Maple Pesto.

Side Dishes

Green Mashed Potatoes: Peel and boil potatoes as usual. Drain. Add butter and some Linabella's Pesto. Mash potatoes. Add some milk and parmesan cheese. Mash together.
Broiled Tomatoes: Slice tomatoes and place in casserole dish. Top with Linabella's Pesto and parmesan cheese. Broil until warm.
Linabella’s Winter Squash: Prepare your winter squash (Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash) when mashing add a few tablespoons of Linabella’s Pesto (we prefer using Linabella’s Maple Pesto).
Linabella’s Pesto Corn Muffins: Add 2 tablespoons to your favorite corn muffin mix or recipe.


Goat Cheese Toasts: Mix Linabella’s Honey Pesto with a small container of goat cheese. Cut a baguette of bread on the bias, toast on both sides. Rub the slices of toast with raw garlic. Spread some goat cheese mixture on the toasts, warm in the oven for 3 – 5 minutes. For an added touch of color you can add a small slice of fresh tomato.
Linabella’s Cream Cheese Spread: Mix Linabella’s Pesto with your favorite plain cream cheese. Spread on a toasted bagel (our favorite is on a garlic bagel with Egg, Bacon and Linabella’s Maple Pesto).
Linabella's Pesto Mayonnaise: Mix a spoon full of Linabella's Pesto with your mayonnaise and spread on your favorite sandwich (Linabella’s Maple Pesto pairs well with smoked turkey or ham) or use as a crab dip (Linabella’s Sole Verde Pesto pairs well with crab).
Linabella’s Pesto Dip: Mix one container of your favorite sour cream with a ¼ cup of Linabella’s Pesto. Refrigerate for 2 hours (overnight works better). Serve cold with your favorite chip, vegetable tray or Tostitos.
Linabella’s Pesto & Fresh Mozzarella Toasts: Cut a baguette of bread on the bias, toast on both sides. Rub the slices of toast with raw garlic. Spread your favorite variety of Linabella’s Pesto on the toasts. Top with a small slice of tomato and a piece of fresh mozzarella.